Body of Work is a musical collective that seeks to deliver a tasteful mix of conscious lyrics, a steady backbeat, and jazz flavor that manifests itself within a Hip-Hop/Neo-Soul template.

The band adheres to the mantra:

"Trying to bring soul back into this hip-hop music,
Trying to bring the blues back into this hip-hop music,
Trying to bring jazz back into this hip-hop music,
and trying to use hip-hop to forward the movement."

The Seattle-based band is comprised of:
 Paolo Escobar; vocalist, emcee and beatboxer, 
Alex Dyring on the upright/electric bass, 
Shawn Schlogel on the keys, 
Ehssan Karimi on drums.

Body of Work brings a sound that is sure to excite, enhance, and elevate musical consciousness through lyrical expression, combined with a tribute to the musical traditions that laid the foundations for the Hip-hop movement.